Friday, April 6, 2012

A Brief Hiatus

Good Morning!

I wanted to let all my readers know that due to some commitments I am going to be taking a brief, approximately one month hiatus from blogging! Some of these commitments include attaining world peace (I think I can do it in a month), bringing back dinosours from extinction (yes I meant dinosours not dinosaurs, I mean seriously doesn't any 7-11 carry those things anymore geeze louise), and becoming an Asian Pop Star (People don't see colours anymore okay, it's 2012, I be whoever I want to be!)

I truly, truly am so appreciative that even half a person reads my blog, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Never give up

Happy Sunday beautiful readers!

First of all, I have to admit, this week is a delinquent blogging week. This weekend has been super crazy busy so I've had to hold off on blogging a bit! I will make it up to you I swear!

As for my post today, I wanted to give you guys some inspiration to never give up on your dream. Yesterday I was talking to my mom in her room and got the idea of jumping really high on her bed, and I wanted her to capture the moment via camera so I could remember it forever. Yes, I am 10 years old. Now, this wasn't an easy task. It took us like 20 hours to finally get the picture, but we did it! So I wanted to show you some of the outtakes and the end result, to really get you guys to understand to NEVER give up! Your dreams can come true if you work hard. And trust me I have to work so hard to get this photo- my body is still aching. That bed took alot of solid hits from me thumping into it over and over haha!

Here they are:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat by butter LONDON

Hello lovely readers!

When I used to look into the future through my crystal ball, well actually I couldn't afford a crystal ball so I just turned a bowl upside down and pretended it was a crystal ball, I would see myself getting manicures every single week of my life. Now, funny that is actually what my previous life goal was too! Now that my friends is what you call dreaming big. I know what you're thinking, it might even be too big of a goal, but like Oprah says, you gotta shoot for the moon because if you miss you'll end up among the stars. So the way I saw it, even if I couldn't afford to get a manicure every week, even if I could just get my pinky nail done or something, that would be my ending up among the stars! And just to clarify and make sure I don't get sued, I'm not quite sure if Oprah actually said that but it sounds like something she would say.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer with Vitamins A & E

Good Morning!

Now some mornings, I wake up and I say to myself, "I want to smell like a man today".  Now, I don't quite feel emotionally developed to actually wear cologne yet (I'm still too fragile), so I resort back to my Jack Black products, to get the man smell that I want!

The product I'm specifically talking about is the Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer Cream.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

T.Babaton Kate Loose Knit Sweater and Saturday Night Weddings

Good morning!

Yesterday afternoon, I went on a quick shopping trip to see if I could find an outfit for a wedding reception I was attending in the evening! I had given my stylist the day off, so I had to do all the work myself!  Just kidding, I would never give my stylist a day off! Haha, now I'm double kidding (woah, it's gettin' crazy up in here now), I don't have a stylist!

I decided about 2 hours before I was supposed to be at the reception that I just HAD to have something new to wear. Now, I was trying to be strategic and buy something that I could re-wear for both casual and work use, so I had my work cut out for me! I know, my brain is always thinkin'.   In addition, I met my best friend, Michelle, at Aritzia so I could give her my opinion on a pair of bright blue pants she was interested in. I know, what you're thinking, this shopping trip had alot going on, and oh my did it! We also stopped in at Zara and let me tell you, did they have some cute stuff. My wallet started crying the moment we walked into the store, but don't fret, I managed to restrain myself and not purchase anything except for my T.Babaton sweater! My self-control is amazing. Doctor Phil has actually invited me onto his show to be a "self-control" counsellor.

I ended up purchasing a T.Babaton sweater from Aritzia. Now, I got the picture below off of the Aritzia website, and I'm pretty sure this is the one I bought. Regardless, it looks pretty similar to the one I purchased, so you'll get the general idea!
Image Credit:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jack Black Lip Balm


So the other day, I was at Sephora, and at the checkout the cashier asked if I wanted to use some of my points to get a sample. Now I pictured myself answering her with "Sure, whatever, I'll take the Jack Black Lip Balm" all non-chalant like, as if I was just going with the flow and had just sponteanously made up my mind on the spot. I was hoping the cashier thought I was so cool and chill like, like I live in a freezer or something. In all actuality I had been plotting my sample choosing for the entire time I had been in-line and had been having a serious internal struggle over which one to pick. I also probably actually said "Yes I want a sample!!!! I'll have the  Lip Balm!!!!" in my typical high pitched squeaky excited voice!!
Jack Black Lip Balm

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Menswear Inspired Flats

Good morning!

Early this morning, I ran an extremely important errand, which was purchasing the shoes I've been coveting for the past 12 hours from Joe Fresh (Superstore)! I wouldn't call this an impulse purchase because I saw them on the Joe Website, and then thought about them for 5 minutes and then decided I had to have them. I couldn't immediately run over there though so that's why it took me about 12 hours before I was able to finally add them to my collection.

You're likely dying to know what they look like, but since I believe in developing ones imagination, I am not going to show you a picture, (Don't cheat and look below), instead I'm going to describe what they look like, so you can develop your own picture in your mind. They are black like an endangered black jaguar and have laces (ohh spicy i know). I know what you're thinking, "Girl these shoes sound a little risque for you and they may take you to some dangerous places". I know right! That's exactly why I bought them.